Hola (Ola – Hello) and welcome to the coconuts website, when we opened the company, we did not think about how to name it even for a second. Latin America countires are usually called the Coconut and the Banana republics, due to the large number of palm trees in these parts.

However strange it may sound, the coconut is not a nut, but the fruit, the same as a plum, a peach or an apricot. Coconut is associated a lot with Dominican Republic, originally it was imported and distributed and used here as food for slaves, who worked on the tobacco plantations and sugar cane in huge numbers here .

The slave was given two coconuts a day, the nutritional properties of the coconut fruit and milk were enough for a whole working day and such a feeding was very inexpensive for the landowners. There is a Russian-speaking guide who spent almost a year on coconut in Punta Cana, I mean, he was eating only coconut fruit, drinking coconut milk and water.

As he told his tourists: ” I eat a coconut in the morning and walk all-day cheerful, not hungry and my mood is great. After 8 months of the coconut diet, he lost a lot of weight and his boss set a condition for him, either you start eating normally and get better or look for another job. In any case, the experiment showed that a person can safely eat this wonderful fruit and still manage to work.

After a short biography and our history, I suggest you to get to know “coconuts” from this website and our team better.

The idea maker and the creators of CocoTrips


Hello my name is Coconut-Beep and I’m called so because I constantly press the buttons of photo and video cameras. I have been living in Dominican Republic for more than 5 years, and have been working as a photographer and video operator for over 10 years. I’m happy to do my job, as I shoot happy people, couples in love, weddings and just beautiful people. For me are very important positive emotions and enthusiastic faces of my customers, who enjoy the process of shooting and the final result. I use to do my job well, constantly developing and improving not only my professional skills but also I renew my equipment. You can see my work in the photo shoot section, the wedding in Dominican Republic and on the website pages. I wish you always be in good spirits and in “coconut” mood !!! See you in Dominican Republic.





Hello, my name is Coconut – BOB and I’m called so because I listen to reggae and reggaeton. I was beaten not so long ago to the shores of Dominican Republic . For more than 10 years I lived in Africa, where I did tourism also. Bad happenings in the country, the tourists were gone and I had to move on. “Coconuts” have an excellent quality that helped us to spread so much around the world, we easily stick to the water without losing our qualities. So it turned out that plunging into the waters of Indian Ocean, I was carried by sea and ocean stream and nailed to Dominican Republic shores. Then I felt like at home – the sea, the warm ocean, the bachata rhythms and the wide people’s smiles, what else is needed for happiness. By combining experience and knowledge, Beep and Bob created this wonderful project, which I hope you will like and your holidays with “coconuts” will be remembered for a long time.

The “Coconuts” are cheerfull

>We believe people come to Dominican Republic for fun, pleasure and positive. The “Coconuts” will create all the conditions so that you do not have a reason to be cast down, and after sightseeing trips, photo shootings, weddings and just communicating with us you will be constantly smiling.

The “Coconuts”are honest

We write all the posts by ourselves in our blog, we think that the information should be as fair as possible, we write about what the agencies do not say or keep it back from you, we give the choice to vacation as it convenient for everyone.

The “Coconuts” are responsible

We understand that you have a limited number of days, we check all the enquiries several times a day, you will not hear from us: oh, I confused, forgot or did not make a note correctly, we always respond to messages and phone calls, or call back.

The “Coconuts” are not greedy

You will not see the words “low prices”, or “we are cheaper than all”. We do not pursue the price as for the maximum profit, we have honest prices for quality product and service.

The “Coconuts” always on time

The “Coconuts” do not late and this is our principle, we will pick you up from the hotel on time, description and travel regulations, clearly coincides with reality, we respect your time. You will always know at what time you will leave the hotel and the time you will be back.

The “Coconuts” are locals

The “Coconuts” are locals, we have turned to the coconuts and bananas, so we are called so here about immigrants – long-livers. As expected locals we know a lot about Dominican Republic and will gladly share it with you.