best beaches of Punta Cana

Best beaches of Punta Cana

The best beaches of Punta Cana.

The best beaches of Punta Cana are a magnet that attracts a huge number of tourists to Dominican Republic. Punta Cana is a very young resort, tourism here is 15 years old. To date, the resort can not boast of a rich infrastructure but Punta Cana airport is leading in the country by the number of passengers. The main reason for the popularity of the resort is 35 kilometers of white sand beaches which are closed from the open ocean by the coral reefs.

Such a wall, in front of the beaches, allows the ocean to remain clean and safe, the sea predators and garbage cannot get to the shore. Every year, several beaches of Punta Cana get an international award “blue flag”, which is awarded since 1987. Only the hotels, beaches, yachts and cruise liners that meet the highest standards of quality and are safe for bathing can become the owner of the “blue flag”.

Last two years 2016-2017, from mid-June until the end of summer on the beaches of Punta Cana began to throw a lot of sea grapes, with algae appearing on one or the other beach. In good hotels with a green nuisance cope pretty quickly. Beaches do not pour with algae every day, and during periods of storms and storms in the ocean, algae are absolutely safe to people and they are quickly removed.

Before the coconuts show you all the best beaches of Punta Cana, its differences, and locations, you need to get rid of the misconceptions that have developed among many tourists. The name of Punta Cana is often associated with all the resorts of the region, in fact, Punta Cana is a complex of small areas (Cap Cana, Baya Ibe, Punta Cana, Cabeza de Toro, Bavaro, Arena Gorda, Macao and Uvero Alto) . Most of the hotels are built in the Bavaro Districts and the Arena De Gordo. Hotels often use a well-known brand of Punta Cana as its names.

Punta Cana is a small area near the airport, with a fairly large residential area, a small shopping street, several closed residences and several hotels (Wesin, Punta Cana Beach, Tortuga Bay, Dominican Dreams, Club Med and Four Points By Sheraton Hotel). If you did not live in one of these hotels, then in fact in Punta Cana you were only at the airport, during the arrival and departure.

As many people think in the Punta Cana area there are hotels on the Caribbean coast. Actually, all the beaches of Punta Cana are located on the Atlantic coast.

The best beaches of Punta Cana – Which one to choose for a holiday.

Even if you have traveled the whole world, you can not disagree the beaches in Dominican Republic are one of the most beautiful, you have ever seen. When I coconut-bob ???, sailed to the island, I caught myself on a very interesting thought. First time in a lifetime photo of a resort in a life is much more bright and picturesque than photos in catalogs and advertising brochures.

On the beaches of Punta Cana grows a huge number of coconut trees and under feet, there’s white and very fine sand. In reality, it is not exactly sand but a very crushed coral crumb. White Dominican sand has an excellent feature even in the heat, it never heats up and you can always walk on it barefoot.

Let’s take a walk on all the beaches and it will be much easier for you to choose the area for recreation in Punta Cana.

For our starting point let’s take Bavaro beach and we will move to the north firstly and then to the south direction from it. If you move to the south, the closer you are to the airport, the more algae and stony shores come across. To the north of Bavaro beach, near Macau beach and Uvero Alto, the sand is yellow, with a golden hue, the beaches are a bit far away and more wild. For now there are not so many hotels in these areas.

Bavaro Beach is the most touristic and one of the most beautiful beach.

Bavaro Beach is one of the brightest in Punta Cana and was awarded the “Blue Flag” Award. The sand in this area is very fine, white and incredibly soft. In the evenings, coral crumbs are shimmered in pink shades.

The most beautiful part of the Bavaro beach was taken by the hotel Barcelo Palace Deluxe, the territory is dotted with tall coconut palm trees. After the storms, there is almost no seaweed and under your feet, you have white and pink coral sand. Like most of the beaches, Bavaro is closed by a coral reef from the open ocean. Bavaro Beach is one of the longest beach, more than 15 km of white sand. The beach has a huge number of water activities and it is the leader in the number of hotels built. Unfortunately, there’s no possibility to do snorkeling by the reef itself, it is far from the shore, there are big waves and many catamarans and sea transport ???, so do not swim after the buoys.

Since the beaches in the Dominican Republic are public, you can walk and swim in the territory of any hotel, but you can not use sun beds, umbrellas or other hotels equipment. In Dominican Republic, there is such an enjoyable and that we coconuts ourselves prefer to drop off from the palm tree land on it without sunbeds, it’s also our advice to you. Bavaro beach can be reached by a walk by the seashore or by car to the public beach “Bibiagua”, which is adjacent to the hotel Barcelo Deluxe and Ifa Resorts.

On the beach “Bibiagua” there’s is a small souvenir market and a beach restaurant, according to our team experience food isn’t that good there. At the exit from the market, on your right there is also a couple of Dominican restaurants, here you can inexpensively try a traditional Dominican cuisine. The Bavaro beach has parking and a cafe where you can have a snack and a free pass, on weekends there are many Dominicans visit, as well as access to the beach of the hotel Ifa Resorts and the opportunity to use the equipment from the residents of Ifa and Costa

El Cortesito beach – Playa El Cortesito – central beach

El Cortesito beach is located in the heart of Bavaro, the most part of the beach is public, there is a lot of cafes, beach restaurants, water sports, souvenir shops and small shops. An excursion to the Caribbean pirates departs from the local pier, as well as a bunch of marine motor and non-motorized water attractions.

Out of the beach area, it’s easy to find pharmacies, exchange offices, banks, small cafes, and shops. Most of the foreigners, which moved to Dominican Republic to a permanent of residence, settle in the area of El Cortesito beach, especially in the El Dorado area, which was chosen by Russian expats.

Like Bavaro beach here is white and soft sand, the most part of the beach is well protected by a reef from the open ocean, but during the storm, it throws out a little more algae. The edge of the reef at the end of the beach is much closer to the shore, next to the Hotel Sun Scape, for example, there are breakwaters, which muffle the strength of waves and protect the beach from damage in a bad weather.

Arena Gordo – Beach with a rich sand

Arena Gordo is one of the widest beaches in Dominican Republic, the beach has a very sloping entry to the sea, the coastal waters of the beach are fairly shallow. A shallow depth is beautifully colored the shallow water in blue color. The beach is suitable for holidaymakers with young children and in general, is very attractive for recreation. This is rarely visited by the local inhabitans because it is quite difficult to get to the beach. You can reach the beach through the staff entrance of the hotel «Ocean Blue».

At the Arena Gordo, there is a small market where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs, make “Masahe” (massage) and just wander and talk with Dominicans. The locals drum you up to the stores and try to greet you just to apprehend you at least for a minute, but they do it with a smile and not intrusive. Smile them back and give the “Machuca” (a blow to the fist of each other), it’s not difficult for you but it’s nice for them.

Arena Gordo has a very deep and massive sand, it is also called rich, legs fall into it a little. There is a kitesurfing station on the beach and small sailing catamarans rentals. The most famous hotel at the Arena Gordo is Iberostar Bavaro, and its reception Iberostar Grand is considered one of Punta Cana’s best luxury hotels.

Beach Macao Punta Cana – Macao Beach – beach with open ocean

Macao is a well-known beach, it is about 20 minutes drive from Bavaro, in Macao district, there are no hotels. The beach is considered as a wild, but there are always people there, especially on Sundays. On weekends, Dominicans come here to rest with whole families. Recreation of Dominicans – it’s quite a fun event, they arrive with their big families on huge pickup trucks, with their tables, chairs, grill and big speakers. Dominicans eat a lot, sing, listen to music loudly and get wet in water more than swim.

On the beach, there are cafes where you can eat seafood, drink cocktails in natural fruits. Do not forget to know the price in advance, it’s not expensive, but still the price is taken from the head and better is to be prepared. The meal is very tasty and inexpensive, we advise you to have seafood, it’s always fresh and not expensive. All this action takes place in the central part of the beach, the closer to the cliff and the rock, the much smaller are waves.

A distinctive feature of the Macao beach is the complete absence of a protective coral barrier, there is high waves here often, whereby there are several surfing stations. This natural structure of the beach allows to learn how to surf and to surf both beginners and advanced surfers. CocoTrips organizes surf lessons in the Dominican Republic at the Russian station, it’s one of the oldest and the most popular in Punta Cana, where the best instructors are. To find an area with surfers is easy, it is located in the very beginning of the beach.

The sand on the Macao beach is a gold color, in the concrete there is no people in the morning, the only photographers and video operators enjoy this particular time of a day. Macao is the most popular place for photo shootings and weddings in the Dominican Republic. On the beach there are many different decors, here you can take a picture on the background of palm trees, overlooking the open ocean, near the coastal rocks, and on a hill with panoramic views. You can also have a  footage with a surfboard of the background of typical Dominican cafes.

In the afternoon, Macao’s beach comes to life, it is a breakpoint during many excursions: Buggy safari, mountain Redonda, trip on Hammers. Tourists can relax, take a refreshing swim in the ocean and taste delicious cocktails in real fruits and coconuts. Also here is many merchants sell all sorts of trinkets, food and souvenir products.

be more accurate to swim at Macao beach, there are often strong waves and underwater currents, do not swim far from the shore. We recommend to visit this beach as part of a holiday in Punta Cana, on the background of other beaches, it looks different. And the road to Macao passes through the countryside, numerous ranches and the same-named village “Macao”.

Beaches of Punta Cana – Uvero alto is the most uninhabited beach

Uvero Alto is the farthest and uninhabited northern beach, most often it is viewed only by guests of several hotels located here. The beach is quite wide with fine golden sand. The uniqueness of Uvero Alto beach today is its deserted nature, apart from few people galloping on a horse you might be its only visitors.

Outside of a small number of hotels, there is no infrastructure. A wide and long beach, from both sides framed by coconut groves. The sea in these places is not always calm, there are often high waves here, stones on the bottom, and in the harbors closed by corals, there are not smoothy’s bottom. On the other hand, there is a couple of not bad places for snorkeling.

Uvero Alto beach is very quickly built up and after some 5-10 years, it may lose the title of the most uninhabited beach of Punta Cana. We advise not to miss the chance to see it for the present, almost in its original form.

The southern beaches of Punta Cana – to south of Bavaro beach

In the south of Punta Cana, there are much fewer beaches suitable for swimming. In the vicinity of the airport, the beaches are mostly rocky, with high waves. But also one of the most beautiful beaches that are often placed in the catalogs of the Dominican Republic is also in this direction.

Outside of a small number of hotels, there is no infrastructure. A wide and long beach, from both sides framed by coconut groves. The sea in these places is not always calm, there are

Cabezza de Toro – Cabezza de toro has the most amazing sunsets

Cabeza De Toro is a very green beach, surrounded by a whole forest of small coconut palms. With its landscapes and the sea it differs from other beaches of Punta Cana. The most beautiful sunsets can be observed from the beach of Cabeza de Toro, also there are many birds, small lizards, and other animals. Cabeza De Toro does not have a lot of beaches with good access to the sea, which is why there are not so many hotels here. Hotels that are built, chose the best parts of the beach, the color of the sand is golden and the water is like everywhere a nice blue. Most of the beach of Cabeza De Toro is a high rocky coast.

Corals come almost directly to the shore, the coral reef well protects the ocean from excitement. A large number of birds: storks, pelicans, frigates circling here in search of food. In the rocky part of the beach, you can do snorkeling, in the water you can find a large number of hedgehogs and starfish. Local residents swim here in the evenings with masks and fins, catch lobsters and shrimps, as well as do hunting with guns for fish.

Part of the Cabeza de Toro beach called Costa Del Amor (coast of love), although the name is fictional, it can now be found even in official publications. In substance, these are a few small cozy beaches drowning in greenery. The beach is very popular with local photographers and videographers, every day there is a huge number of photo shootings and weddings.

Despite the fact that the name of the Coast sounds beautiful, we coconuts do not recommend to do the photo shooting there. The beach is chosen because it is not expensive, not far away and everyone’s hearing. There are always a lot of people, at low tide coral islets with low water level are more like a swamp. During photo shooting on other beaches, you are not only taking pictures but you are swimming, exploring a new place. But here it’s much harder to do this.

While writing the article, I asked photographer a question about the beach, his answers are below in the picture from the screen of correspondence. I assume the comments are superfluous.

Playa Blanca (white beach) – Located in a closed residential complex.

The beach is located in the closed residential complex Punta Cana Resort, entry is possible only with passes and guests of hotels that are in a closed area. But to get to the beach from the sea side is not difficult, but in the main gate, you will need to show your documents (ID, driving license) and to make a guest pass. The beach is fully equipped, there are a nice restaurant and a couple of cafes on the beach.

Playa Blanco is a very well-groomed beach, beautiful decorations, white sofas, soft paired sun beds. The beach with a gentle approach to the sea, the first hundred meters are shallow, it’s good to relax with children and there are good conditions for practicing Wind and Kite Surfing. The beach, as you already understand the name has a white sand and breathtaking turquoise watercolor. Weddings and romantic photo shootings are unforgettable here. Of course, photo and video shooting here is a little more expensive, but it’s worth it. You will not only have a good rest here but also get really beautiful photos and the pleasure of being here.

The beach is surrounded by a dense palm grove and on the territory of the residential complex, there is a nature reserve. In the daytime here are arrangements of tours on Segways and bicycles with a visit of Eco-Park. Unlike of Macao, you will not see a lot of local people with a grill and their own tables and chairs. The entrance to the residential complex is limited, but tourists who do not frighten of the local guards by their appearance or behavior, are admitted without problems.

In our opinion, this is one of the most tranquil and beautiful beaches in the vicinity of Punta Cana, which is 100% worth of attention and the time it takes to visit it.

Best Beaches of Punta Cana – Juanillo – Juanillo beach Punta Cana

Juanillo beach is located in a closed territory in the so-called city of millionaires – Cap Cana. The beach is very clean and well maintained, large soft beds for two and hammocks. The beach has good restaurants and bars. Prices here are slightly overpriced but well fed and a nice interior in restaurants and bars. Everyone who comes here should take a picture of a large bright bus Volkswagen, which stands at the entrance to the restaurant as a part of its interior.

Recently, on the Juanillo beach, you can pay for the usage of the beach, for $ 40 you can use the sun beds, an open bar and dine with open buffet system. Bars open here, live music plays, many foreigners and residents of Cap Cana are going to in the evening time. You can see huge and posh weddings on the beach often, as a romantic and individual photo shooting. The atmosphere of the beach, excellent decors, clean and the well-kept beach is very suitable for this.

Juanillo beach also overgrown with the legend of love, there is an opinion that the beach in Cap Cana, got its name due to the love story.

History is not new, a simple fisherman Juan fell in love with the daughter of a wealthy landowner, for sure such a fiance did not pass the check of the bride’s parents and the marriage was doomed to failure. But as we know for real love, there are no barriers and man in love is a vivid example of this. He sent a beloved message that he will wait for her on the beach every evening, by an old pine.

The girl did not dare to disobey her parents for a long time and Juan spent not only one night by the pine tree, waiting for his fiancé. In one of the evening, when hope was already on his deathbed, he saw in the distance a silhouette of his beloved. Juan conquered the girl with his pure feelings and they had a series of wonderful evenings. Once Juan, gifted the girl a beautiful ring, for all the money he had accumulated, under the branches of the old pine.

To be honest, no one knows the end of the story, and the name of the girl is a mystery, but the name of the beach of Juanillo, translates as the ring of Juan. Beloved hang a ribbon on a chain that wraps a tree, when they come to the beach, as a token of love and strong marriage.

For those who are not indifferent to the fate of Juan and his lover, the two main endings of this love story.

There is a version that beloved spit on all the rules and prohibitions of parents fled, a lot of children were born and to this day there lives a soul in the soul.

According to the second version, the wedding did not take place because of the bride’s parents, who knew about the relationship of the daughter and separated the lovers. We prefer the first version, I want to believe that somewhere along the seashore runs happy Juan and his nameless wife.

This is a selection of the best beaches of Punta Kanta, each of which deserves attention. Because most of the hotels are located on Bavaro beach, tourists during their holiday see mostly only it and Macao beach if they go on excursions. Within the framework of our author’s trip “To the beaches of Punta Cana,” you can get to know them all in one day and our experienced guide will tell you many interesting facts about the country and people in the Dominican Republic.

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