Dominican Republic on the map

Dominican Republic on the map

Dominican Republic on the map

Many tourists are wondering for the first time wishing to come to our fairy island – where is Dominican Republic on the Map?

Our island is widely heard and more often associated with the country of Latin America, but not many people know where Dominican Republic is on the world map.

Dominican Republic occupies the eastern half of the island of Hispaniola (Haiti) located in the group of the Great Antilles islands between North and South America. It is surrounded by such islands as Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. This is a tropical zone in which the temperature difference in winter and summer does not exceed 4-5 degrees Celsius.

Most tourists flying to Punta Cana are sure that they are flying to the Caribbean Sea, but this is not entirely true because the island is washed by the Atlantic Ocean from Punta Cana side.

Dominican Republic is on the world map – a map of Dominican Republic view from space.

Dominican Republic occupies 2/3 of the island and is the main tourist resort of this tropical paradise. This exotic country is famous for its unique Latin American culture, amazing architecture and fascinating history, which dates back to the time of Columbus.

Dominican Republic has more than 74% of the entire territory of the island of Haiti (Hispaniola), the rest is occupied by one of the poorest and most unlucky countries in the world – Haiti. The total area of Dominican Republic is 48,740 km², the length of the coastline of Dominican Republic is 1,288 km, approximately the island has 31 regions.

Dominican Republic is the second largest island in the world. It concedes only to the island of Cuba. The southern part of the island is washed by Caribbean Sea, the capital of Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo, built on the Caribbean. The northern part of the island is washed by the waters of Atlantic Ocean.

From its northern side, the state is washed by the waters of warm Atlantic Ocean, with the northern waters of the insanely beautiful Caribbean Sea, the blue color of which has dozens of unique shades.

Dominican Republic on the map

Another interesting name in this region is West India. The region got this name from the first European seafarers moving from Europe, mistakenly believed that they were in India. On the island there are several mountain ranges, the peaks of which reach 3000 meters. The highest of which is Pico Duarte.

The total area of Dominican Republic is about 50,000 km ². The coastline is stretched for 1300 km. In the Caribbean, the island of Hispaniola (Haiti) is inferior only to the island of Cuba.

Local guides arrange excursions to several small islands surrounding Dominican Republic, such as:

  • Saona
  • Catalina
  • Beata
  • Cayo Levantado

Most of the islands are in protected areas, have a unique flora and fauna and are deservedly popular among tourists. Interest to Dominican Republic has grown very much in the past two years among Russians. Of course, this is facilitated by the closure of Egypt and Turkey, which took a huge flow from Russia and the CIS countries.

Also very popular with tourists vacationing in Dominican Republic are many areas protected by the state. Flora and fauna which fascinates with its uniqueness and beauty. On the island you will not find any predatory or poisonous creature because of their complete absence. The island is protected by coral reefs from dangerous sharks, which do not allow them to swim to the shores.

Santo Domingo with a population of about 4,000,000 people is the capital of Dominican Republic. Time lags behind Moscow time for 7-8 hours depending on the time of a year.

Dominican Republic on the map

Dominican Republic on the Map – Punta Cana Resort

Punta Cana is a resort in the eastern part of the country attracts with its unsurpassed beauty. Snow-white beaches and blue sea make a holiday of any tourist unforgettable. The very name of Punta Cana consists of 2 Spanish words – Punta (a place on the map) and Kana (a sort of palm tree from which make so attracting tourists thatched roofs). The resort of Punta Cana attracts tourists from all over the world, most of which fly here from the north and south America, but also a stream of Russian tourists has grown here in recent years.

High service, all-inclusive, scenic nature, fabulous beaches, a warm tropical climate and a wonderful friendly attitude of local residents is all this and much more makes travelers come back to this fabulous country again and again. Punta Cana is the most popular resort visited by Russian tourists with direct flights from Moscow.

Prices for trips to Dominican Republic became even more accessible, after the expansion of the summer program by domestic tour operators. The flight time from Moscow to Dominican Republic is about 10 hours on average.

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