Drugs in Dominican Republic

Drugs in Dominican Republic.

Drugs in Dominican Republic.

Drugs in Dominican Republic – this is a topic that everyone is trying to avoid. All articles found by me on the Internet, are reduced basically to the one point. Generally, everything written is the truth, but the topic does not fully disclose. Most of the text is written about the laws and penalties for everyone who will face them also about prison terms and problems. It is said that Dominican Republic is the main transit point, the place where drugs travel to US and Europe.

1000 times I agree drugs are bad and you can and need to have a rest without it, but we are all adults and are responsible for our actions, decisions, and habits. I also think if you live in the country and really love it, then you should tell about the bad and the good sides. Without talking about the problem, it can not be solved. We claim the title of “the most honest blog about Dominican Republic”, so we will fully disclose all the topics, even those that are not related to us.

To write this article, we talked with people who are personally familiar with the local drugs. Part of the text had to be cut, alas, no censorship it would not have passed. So this information is almost first-hand for you.

Enough lyrics – now about drugs.

There are many drugs in Dominican Republic, for every taste and color, as well as products of varying quality and from different Latin countries and the United States. I do not think that people who found the article “Drugs in Dominican Republic”, are keenly interested in the problems of drug addicts in the country, statistics, and legal aspects. We really hope that you found this article by chance or read to expand your horizons. Read and remember that drugs make life a nightmare.

Below, narcotic substances will be described that are sold in the Dominican Republic, categories, countries of production, distribution across the country, etc.

Cocaine in Dominican Republic – Most popular Drugs in Dominican Republic

Cocaine in Punta Cana

Since the Dominican Republic really is considered a sorting center of cocaine from Latin America, there is a lot of it. I will say more, a number of tourists choose the Dominican Republic for holiday precisely because of the availability of this drug. In Europe and US it is sold from $ 80 per gram, in Russia $ 150 to $ 200. Cocaine in the Dominican Republic comes from Bolivia, Peru, and Colombia, their difference is slightly in color, percentage, and effect.

To buy cocaine in the Dominican Republic won’t be difficult. For sure you will be offered to buy it from beach vendors and the exact drivers of moto-taxis to many more kind people. When buying from the Haitians, you can be slipped the crushed pills or you will be cheated with weight.

The cost of cocaine for tourists will be from $ 40 to $ 80, depends on the quality or agreed of a seller. The standard tourist price is 40-50 $ per gram. Cocaine in one piece (in stone) is less likely to be diluted. I will warn you once again against drug purchases in the Dominican Republic, or at least, be extremely careful. Not all the Dominicans without looking at wide smiles are good people. Sometimes happens when the huckster works with police and after the deal done and his leaving, another motorcycle will approach with a policeman.

What if you were arrested for cocaine in Punta Cana?

If you are already caught the first and the most important thing is not to argue with either the local or the police. It is necessary to try to solve the problem immediately on the spot and to accurately offer the policemen to pay the penalty right at that moment. Also, you can contact us, we provide a legal assistance in the Dominican Republic. As a rule, Dominicans do not like to sort out or to create problems. As we wrote in the article people are fond of money in the Dominican Republic. Do not immediately offer a large amount, start with $ 50-60 and bargain until you come to a common denominator.

If you will stand for your position, swear at the police or insult them, then you will be taken to a police station and the fine will grow to 2 000 -3 000. If you do not pay the fine, you will be sent to a very bad local prison for half a year and still, you will pay the fine, but only to the state coffers. Unlike many tourist countries, the local police don’t make concessions to tourists, so you need to be able to negotiate.

Weed and Hydroponic in the Dominican Republic

The attitude of Dominicans and the police to grass and hydroponics in the Dominican Republic is simpler, but still, it is outlawed. Usually, two types of weed are sold in Punta Cana: Regular weed and Hydroponic – local weed and hydroponics. Weed is the most used drug among the local population, for poor Dominicans cocaine remains expensive. Most Dominicans do not smoke cigarettes, do not drink carbonated drinks and do not use drugs.

Regular weed – regular

weed in dominican republic

The weed has a dark color, imported mainly from Jamaica and Peru, but there are plantations here in Dominican Republic. It arrives pressed into a brick, and all is mixed together cones of leaves and sticks. Regular weed is quite cheap, the cost of 5 grams is from $ 20-30. Regular generally is not bad, has a more sedative effect, it makes you munchy.

Hydroponic – Hydroponics

Punta Cana drugs

Hydroponics comes from USA and Canada to the Dominican Republic, as a rule, it is bought in shops of medical marijuana and it is imported here. Periodically, smugglers of marijuana are caught either in America or upon arrival here. This sort of weed is varietal, with a high level of THC, sold in bags of 1 gram, the cost of 40-50 $ per a gram. It will be hard for the tourist to buy such a weed, the main market is the wealthy young people in Santo Domingo and foreigners living here.

MDMI and Pills Drugs in the Dominican Republic

Drugs in Dominican Republic

It will be equally easy to find both pills and cristal MDMI (local call it Molly). Molly or sugar, as it is called by locals, has a light brown color or a color of burnt sugar. The pills come from both parts, from the US and manufactured in the large cities of Dominican Republic. They are sold everywhere. Somehow in the club, I met a local who shouted: “I have everything”. Looking into his eyes, I realized that he was definitely not lying.

Molly or pure MDMI is more expensive, the cost of one gram is about $ 100, the effect of having it is slow, the body feels weak. If you are on big open-air festivals you see people who spend hours lying on the sand stuck under stars, it could be a big chance that they are on MDMI. Pills are more club drug and more affordable, the cost of one pill is about $ 30.

Drugs in Dominican Republic – Acid and Stamps???

Drugs in dominican Republic

To find LSD in its pure form, it drops will be extremely difficult in the Dominican Republic. Mostly stamps ??? is for selling which is adapted to nightclub life. Very few visuals and no hallucinations. You feel a strong surge of strength and energy, a good mood and a very bright picture, the effect may be stronger or weaker, depending on the concentration and your nature.

It’s possible to buy stamps??? in Punta Cana but again not everywhere, and a very big chance to get a regular piece of paper. You can’t check the quality quickly. The cost of one stamp is 60-80 $.

Crack -Creck – Drugs in Punta Cana

Drugs in DOminican Republic

The crystalline form of cocaine, which is a mixture of cocaine salts with baking soda is a very dangerous drug, causes rapid and strong addiction. The cost of crack is much lower than cocaine and the effect is several times stronger, in contrast to cocaine, crack is smoked. Quickly achievement of the effect of cocaine but in a few times stronger, very strong hangover???. They are mainly used by the poor, alcoholics and drug addicts.

You can buy crack from moto-taxi drivers or in poor areas of Dominican Republic, the cost is about $ 15-20.

Heroin – Drugs in the Dominican Republic

Punta cana Drugs

We knew from a few acquaintances who are friends with drugs about its presence in the Dominican Republic, their reply was it is certainly possible to buy it, as everywhere else. It will be much more difficult to do this, among the local population and tourists there are not many fans of a gloomy drug. The cost of the check is about $ 50, because the drug is not common, the chance of getting not what you are looking for is growing. Locals, in the hunt for benefits, will give you anything you want instead of the desired powder.

We have long debated whether to write or not to write this article, but the desire to be honest and the belief that everyone has the right to choose how to live has pushed us. I hope you read this article only for the expansion of consciousness and horizons.

Great and healthy holidays in the Dominican Republic to all of you.

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