Fishing in Dominican Republic

Fishing in Dominican Republic

Fishing in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is located on the island of Haiti, which is washed by warm waters of the Atlantic and the Caribbean. Having visited this country, you can feel how the beach holiday combines with the richness of sightseeing programs, surfing with peace, seclusion and magnificent Fishing in Dominican Republic.

Fishing in Dominican Republic is not an entertainment, but a national metier. Supersaturated with plankton, waters of Atlantic Ocean attract here a lot of diverse sea fish. Therefore, there is nothing special about the fact that this entertainment has become very popular among tourists.

Here you can take lessons in the skill of sea fishing because it is very different from fishing in a lake or a river. Here you can also learn underwater hunting in the clear, deep waters of the Atlantic and the Caribbean.

Fishing in Dominican Repubilc

Catching spinning lovers won’t be bored here as well. Using this tackle, you can fully expect to catch a large marlin or barracuda. Fishing can be directly from the shore, in such resorts as Punta Cana, you need to fish only in the early hours. The beaches of Punta Cana are full of tourists, boats and other water sports organizers.

The fishing season in the country continues throughout the year. In addition to the above-mentioned fishes, you can also catch swordfish, yellowfin tuna, dorado, bonito and even a shark.

Nature generously endowed this country with its warmth. There is a lot of warmth here that summer in these places never ends. In the coldest season – from January to March – the temperature only rarely falls below 30 degrees. The heat in the local climate is transferred absolutely calmly. The sea breeze simply “blows away” it, leaving the impression of a blissful coolness.

Fishing in Dominican Republic is an unusual combination of leisure and entertainment. And you can not only fish from the shore. Here you can rent boats and large yachts. Any of these can be rented for one day, or for a whole month. You can also do with fishing gear.

Fishing in Dominican Republic – Fishing boat rental

The best option will be renting a vessel along with a local guide. He will always show you the most “cool” places, help in choosing gear and bait. With its help, you not only catch enough fish, but you can cook it according to one of the local recipes. Entrust the organization of fishing in Punta Cana to us. We cooperate with the best teams, our captains with the experience of sea fishing for more than 15 years, knowably the fish places. We use modern boats with world-class equipment, GPS and echo sounder.

As mentioned above, Dominican Republic is a country that is washed by water from all sides. It would seem that fish and seafood should be an indispensable attribute of local cuisine. But this is far from it. Despite the abundance, sea fish, as well as other marine delicacies, are almost absent in Dominican cuisine. Only recently, it began to appear in menus of local cafes and restaurants, thanks for that to visiting tourists.

Fishing in DOminican Republic

Most often you will be offered fish, cooked on a spit or grill, fried with the addition of coconut chips, as well as cooked with the addition of a coconut milk sauce, the so-called “Pescado-con-coco”. Do not refuse other seafood dishes – “maricos”, crabs with sauce “kagrecho gisado”, etc.

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