Internet in Dominican Republic

Internet in Dominican Republic – Tariffs, Operators

Internet in Dominican Republic – Tariffs, Operators

All about the Internet in Dominican Republic.

Social networks, skype, instagrams, vibers, smartphones have become not only a means of communication, but dependencies or necessities for many. Going on holiday to Dominican Republic, tourists would like to know if there is Internet in here and how to connect to it.

Staying connected in Dominican Republic will not be a big problem, most of the hotels have free or paid internet. The downside of the hotel Internet is free wi fi only at the reception of the hotel, and to use it in the room or on the beach, you will have to pay. For example, Barcelo Palace Deluxe, considered as one of the best hotels in Bavaro, sells Internet for $ 40 per week and the price is for one person. If you are three in the room, then the amount of $ 40 will be per each person.

Of course you can find free wi-fi in cafes, shopping centres and other public places, but most of the hotels are located outside the city. The most correct and convenient solution will be either a hotel Internet or a connection to local telecom operators.

There are four cellular operators in Dominican republic: Orange, Claro, Viva, Tricom. Part of the locals use the two last operators but the largest, reliable and with good coverage are Claro and Orange.

Claro is the first mobile operator in Dominican Republic, Orange is a newer company, but it is growing very fast and with good tariffs and high communication speeds, both operators are stable. Cellular operators offer two types of connection, on prepayment and pay as you go, but for tourists only the first option is possible, and it is more than enough for a short vacation.

Since the difference in the cost of SIM cards and tariffs for Claro and Orange operators is almost the same, choose the one whose office you found faster. You need only a passport and money to connect to a local mobile operator, .

Internet in Dominican Republic – How to connect.

There are two main ways to connect the Internet in Dominican Republic

To buy from a hotel guide or in the hotel – Well, it is easy, either go to a representative, or to the hotel’s shops and ask for a sim card. The cost will depend directly on honesty and seller desire to get more from you. In rare cases, the hotel operates official representatives of cellular operators. Below in the article, you can get acquainted with the real rates of cellular operators and based on the correct prices, you will know how much you overpay and whether it is worth the convenience and comfort of such a transaction.

To buy independently in the particular shops

To get to the salon of cellular communication,  because not every hotel has shops and generally some kind of life around. Punta Cana resort is young and quite stretched, for today there are several shopping centres and a couple of busy streets where you can safely walk and shop. Almost from all Punta Cana hotels there’s shuttle buses to shopping centres of San Huan (San Juan) and Palma Real (Palma Real), the schedule can be known at the reception. Buses run both ways, about every two hours. There are clothes boutiques with, a grocery supermarkets, cafes and restaurants apart from communication salons. Taxis in Dominican Republic are very expensive, from the hotel to the shopping centre and back will cost 2000 pesos (about $ 45 US), if the goal is to buy the Internet, it’s easier to buy it at the hotel. I’m not talking about hotels from which you can go somewhere and buy something by walk.

The second task will be to explain the seller what you need. Despite the fact that Dominican Republic is only 1.5 hours from Miami and the largest flow of tourists arrive from US, most of the tourists are Spanish speakers, and Dominicans do not bother to learn languages. You will be helped by a smile, sign language and the word simcard. Be patient,  here is everyone works in trankilo mode (calm mode) and the procedure can take 20-30 minutes.

Internet in Dominican Republic – Estimated Rates

You can buy just a sim card and put money on the account using short codes. To buy the right tariff: 300 mb will cost $ 2, 700mb 6 $, 1gb 14 $.

To buy a SIM card and immediately to buy a package, Claro and Orange operators can be connected for $ 25, three gigabytes of Internet. You can top up the account online with payment by card or in the pay machine, which are big amount in the city and in the hotel, you can buy the Internet at any time with the help of short codes, if you have money on your account. As practice shows, everything worked right away and it’s good. It’s better to buy a sim card without a prepaid tariff, but simply top up your account, you can buy the package by yourself.

In both cases, the SIM card itself is issued free of charge.

Scheme of buying an Internet tariff for Claro from the phone itself

Purchase of Orange from the phone

The speed of Dominican’s Internet is quite decent, the higher the tariff, the higher the speed. Internet allows you to communicate peacefully in social networks, make audio and video calls, upload photos, listen to music and watch videos online.

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