Punta Cana nightlife

Punta Cana nightlife

Punta Cana nightlife – Things to do in the night

The Punta Cana nightlife starts quite early, just after sunset, and this happens in summer at 7 pm, in winter at 6 pm. At this time, many bars, restaurants, and countless small but very interesting places are opened, where you can relax, eat with friends, drink hot and simply refreshing drinks, as well as dance.

The nightlife of Punta Cana is becoming more interesting lately. The infrastructure which is located outside the hotels is growing by the bygone days and by the hour. Many restaurants and entertainment places are being built. The largest number of restaurants and cafes is located in the shopping center “Sana Juan”, in the central Bavaro district “Eldorado”, in Punta Cana and in Cap Cana.

Night Clubs Punta Cana – where to spend the evening

Punta Cana nightlife will please everyone because they are so different and for every taste.

Entertainment center “COCO BOGO” show in Punta Cana

The entertainment center “COCO BOGO” is located in the are of “SAN JUAN” shopping mall.  It will be liked by lovers of luxury shows. The circus form of it contains more than a thousand people. On its stage performs about  25 shows each evening with the participation of magnificent artists surrounded by fireworks, loud music, and flying ribbons. This place should be taken as a show, which begins even before the entrance. The artists meet guests directly from the buses and after a small performance invite them inside. The performance starts in the evening about 11 o’clock and ends at about 3 o’clock in the morning. You only need to buy tickets in our company and the official transfer of “COCO BOGO”??? will take you to the show and drop you back to the hotel.

Punta Cana nightlife – Nightclub “ORO” Hard Rock Hotel


Nightclub “ORO” is the place where you can dance a lot. It is located in the hotel «HARD ROCK». You can get here by taxi or by a rented car. It is enough to tell the security that you are heading to the “ORO” when you are entering the hotel. They will open the gate with a smile and invite you with “Welcome to the party”. After going through the beautiful reception of the hotel you turn right and at the end of the corridor, just behind the casino, you will find the entrance to “ORO”. This club is very beautiful and there’s a pretty good music, on stage, there are magnificent mulattoes dancing and in the bar tasty cocktails serves. Sometimes a dark-skinned guy in white tight clothes enters the stage and dances on roller skates on a small platform, then descends on the dancehall and entertains the tourists surrounding him from all sides.

Punta Cana nightlife – Night club “IMAGINE” in cave Punta Cana

The nightclub “IMAGINE” is located in the area of “San Juan” shopping mall. You can get there by special bus which will pick you up from the hotel and after the party will drop you back to your hotel. This nightclub is built in the shape of a cave. In fact, this is a real cave with stalactites and stalagmites decorated with lights, bars and dance floors. Even at the entrance to the club you will be surprised by its unusualness and beauty. In this club, you can dance a lot and drink a few long drinks. Several halls of this nightclub are distinguished by music and decoration. We ourselves are frequent guests of this entertaining place. Here you will find both local and electronic music. Delicious cocktails is made in the bars and beautiful girls dance on the stage. Sometimes a man like a robot appears at the hall on high stilts decorated with LEDs. He drives the crowd and makes the club’s visitors dance even more with a background of icicles hanging from the ceiling???.

Beach Bar “JURAGAN” Parties on the beach (deep house, open air)

The beach bar “JURAGAN” is located in the center of Bavaro in Eldorado area, it is on the ocean, sometimes there are parties with electronic music. Local people living in Punta Cana and Bavaro come usually here, to dance, to drink a couple of cocktails and to meet friends. This is a small club and the only difference to other bars is its location which is directly on the ocean. It is always cool here and the wind blows from the sea. This club is suitable for fans of electronic music,  very good local DJs play there. You can always take off your shoes and take a walk along the sand and relax. You can get only by taxi or by car to this club, buses do not go there.

Nightclub “VIBE” Punta Cana nightlife

In my opinion Nightclub “VIBE” is more for after party than the club itself. It is located above shopping mall ”Palmareal” club “VIBE” contains a small number of people, although every time we go there, we always find a place to dance. Entrance cost is only 300 pesos, it has a wonderful bar and the only one but very cozy dance hall. It is the only electronic music club, so there is nothing to do for fans of bachata and merengue. The club is open from 11pm to 9am. You can also get here by taxi or by car.

Night club “ONNOS” – Punta Cana nightlife

Night club “ONNOS” is located in the area of Cortecito. Small but cozy is located on the ocean shore. Here you can eat and dance. This club is frequented visit by local people, but by  tourists aswell. There was good music back in times but now …… .. We ourselves rarely go there, only if on the eve of the party we see a promo about it with the description of the evening program and good DJs name which we know.

Also, there are many clubs for local people like Drink Point in Bavaro. All of them are located in Friusa area. These places are more suitable for hunters of girls with a particular job. Even at the entrance to such a place you will be shrouded from all sides by local ladies persuading you to buy them drinks and offering you to spend a wonderful evening with them in this club, and then to go to the local Cabañez, that would be just as good to spend the night with them. These ladies will immediately announce you a price for the evening, and will also offer you any stuff hat will make your blood boil this evening. Be careful with these night fairies because they can easily rob you in the club and after it.

Concerts in Punta Cana

There are great concerts with participation of celebrities in the tourist area of Punta Cana happens very often, especially in winter time which considered here as a tourist season, . Artists known all over the world such as Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Sting, Maroon 5, Elton John and many others, come here and give big concerts. These concerts are usually held in Hard Rock Hotel, in the amphitheater of Altos de Chavon, located in the city of artists and on large special closed beaches sometimes. At such concerts, many tourists come from all the hotels, as well as young people come from the cities of Dominican Republic and the capital Santo Domingo.

Just a few times a year in the tourist area of Punta Cana there are very big festivals on the beaches with the participation of the best DJs in the world. More than 10 000 people come to such events. This is always very interesting, on the beaches are built large scenes with lots of soffits and plasma panels, sometimes 2 and 3 at once, lining up a lot of bars with alcohol and soft drinks and also there are installed a Ferris wheel and other installations. Before such events, there is always a lot of advertising and all tourists and locals can get tickets there and get ready for it.

Punta Cana nightlife- Casino – Gambling

Casinos in Punta Cana are in almost every hotel. The best casino, in my opinion, is Avalon. It is located next to the Bavaro Princess Hotel. Personally speaking, this is the best casino, even if you have only a dollar in your pocket you can get drunk there easily. While you are playing you will be served with alcoholic drinks for free. Many of my friends won large amount of money there. Also in this casino, there are often big prizes such as cars. I know personally the person who won there such a prize. He also won several iPhones there during a couple of months. Even there is is a nightclub in this casino in which you can spend time surrounded by local girls.

Bawdy houses- Punta Cana nightlife

There are several brothels in the tourist area of Bavaro. This is the so-called brothels, at the entrance to which you will be immediately surrounded by local black half-dressed girls, they will show you their dignity, persuading you to go with them to the rooms. The average cost of such a lady is about 100 – 150 $. Also, they are very gentle, smiling will persuade you to buy them alcoholic drinks which are overestimated in these places for at least 100%. They will certainly offer you contraceptives, but beware these very poor quality products are bought for the cheapest price. In these places there are bars and you can spend your time choosing the priestess of love for the evening on a cozy sofa. The rooms in these places are not distinguished by their refinement. Most often this is a small room of 3×3 sq.m. with a bed in the middle of the room and a mirror on the ceiling.

Cabañes – nightlife of Punta Cana

Cabañes is a small hotel. The room comes along with a garage for your car. You enter the garage, the gate closes behind you and in a small slot you poke the payment for the room, so the owner does not see your face. After you go to a room that resembles a room in a brothel, also a bed in the middle and a mirror on the ceiling. Neither you nor your car will be seen by almost anyone.  Cabañes are very popular in the Dominican Republic. They are often located on the outskirts of the city or township. You can easily see them by the large signs along the roads.

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