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Best places to take picture – Tips from punta cana photographer Denis Lemman

Tips from Punta Cana photographer Denis Lemman

Very important to choose really professional Punta cana photographer. Photoshoots in the Dominican Republic have become an obligatory expense item for every young couple arriving here. A bride and a groom arriving at the Dominican Republic to spend a honeymoon especially in summer, find a photographer here for their taste and go with him to the photo shooting, to make unforgettable photos in wedding dresses. Usually, such a photo shooting take a place on the ocean coast, but also on the expanses of golf courses which are so widespread here, on the streets, on beautiful hills, on high cliffs and on the paths of palm groves.

Most photoshoots take place either early in the morning, while it’s still not so hot or in the afternoon when the sun tends to the horizon and saturates everything around with a yellow sunset light. Each photographer in here knows all the features of locations for a photo shoot and will necessarily offer you the best of them, and also throughout the photoshoot will help you take the best poses and find interesting perspectives for beautiful photos.

Love Story in the Dominican Republic

If you are not married yet and arrived in the Dominican Republic for a romantic trip, then the photo shoot such as Love Story in the Dominican Republic will be a wonderful gift for your partner. If you have serious intentions then during this photoshoot you can make a marriage proposal. It’s very romantic always. Such moments are remembered forever, especially with a photographer who will capture wonderful moments which will experience these feelings again and again, revising the album with your photos. Some of our clients agree in advance with the photographer about the surprise that they intend to make during such a photo shoot and the photographer even plays up to a little for them that it will be unexpected in reality.

Where is to do the best photo shoot in the Dominican Republic

Absolutely everyone associates photo shooting in the Dominican Republic with the beach, sea, white sand and palm groves. We have several similar places for photo shoots. These are Macao beach, Api Beach , Costa de Lamor beach and Saona island. But we will certainly offer you many more locations that differ from these created stereotypes.

Punta Cana photographer top choise – Macao Beach Dominican Republic

Macao Beach is a municipal beach stretched for its length for several kilometers. It is located in 20 minutes drive from many hotels located in Punta Cana area. Macao is a very suitable for photo shoots because there is absolutely everything you’ve ever seen on beach pictures. There’s a palm grove, alongshore, blue water and big white waves. The sand is a little yellowish, but the photoshop makes it almost white. There is practically no coral reef and therefore the waves reach the shore, giving your photo shoots a natural dynamic. I would advise you this particular beach for a photo shoot. I have had made a greater number of my pictures here and I always find new interesting angles.

Photoshoot on Huanijo beach Cap Cana

This beach is in the closed privileged area of Cap Cana. For permission to do photo shooting on it, you must pay an additional fee $ 100 US. There’s white sand, the highest palm trees, and the bluest sea. I also like it very much, but recently several hotels are being built on its territory and its area suitable for a photo shoot is constantly decreasing.

Photoshoot on Costa Del Amor beach

The beach of Costa de Amor is a small private beach, divided into 3 separate zones, enclosed by bamboo fences. It is also located nearby most hotels. You can get there in about 20 minutes from almost every hotel. On this beach, there is a fishing boat, a wooden bridge, bamboo fences and a swing. All these and not only is ideal for summer beach pictures. I personally don’t like this location, because of it is popularity, at the same time on the same beach can work together several Punta Cana Photographer ‘s . Sometimes few wedding ceremonies and several photoshoots happening at the same time, it does not look good and not comfortable for the clients. 

Photo shoot on Saona island

According to the stories of local guides, chocolate Bounty commercial and one of the parts of Pirates of the Caribbean film was shot here. Nature did its best to create this place. Even on the way to the island, you will see a large number shades of blue of the water. The island is located in the Caribbean Sea. A photo shoot on Saona island is always a journey. After all, it is located in 2 hours from Punta Cana hotels. Every time coming to Saona I feel like on a fairy island. Being in a palm grove and looking through the dangling palm leaves on the azure sea, it seems that this place as if at first was painted by a talented artist, and only then recreated by nature.

Photoshoot in the city of artists Altos de Chavon

Altos de Chavon was built by one Maecenas for his daughter. This beautiful town resembles stories from the books of Hans Christian Andersen. There are narrow streets, forged hanging lights, a stone church in which, according to the guides’ stories, there was a wedding of Michael Jackson, an amphitheater and many cozy cafes. This town is perfect for photo shoots. Pictures here turn out to be a bit mysterious and unusual. Photoshoot in Altos de Chavon is better done closer to the evening when the sun is approaching the horizon and fills all around with its orange color.

Photoshoot in Cap Cana

The city of millionaire Cap Kana is located on the Atlantic coast, a 30-minute drive from the most Punta Cana hotels. The photo shoot in Cap Cana will remain in your memory forever. Every time I get there I, again and again, amazed at the beauty of this wonderful town. My answer to the question would I make my wedding photo shoot exactly where my answer will be – DEFINITELY !!! Cap Cana reminds me of Venice. Church, beautiful streets, palm trees growing along the roads, luxurious squares, a lot of parked yachts will be your companions throughout the entire photo shoot. This photoshoot is a little bit more expensive than others, because of the mandatory rent charged by the administration of the city, but honestly, I’ll say it’s worth it.

Videographer in the Dominican Republic.

In parallel with the photo shoot, you can order a shot of a romantic or wedding video clip. Our videographer in the Dominican Republic will make an excellent video for you, which for many years will please you and awaken in your memory these wonderful minutes and hours spent in the Dominican Republic.

Cost of a photo shoot in the Dominican Republic.

The cost of a photo shoot in the Dominican Republic often depends on Punta Cana photographer skill, the cost of the location, the range of its location from the hotel and the cost of related services such as transfer, water transfer, lunch costs if the location is far away.

Our photo shoots in the Dominican Republic

Our photo shoots in the Dominican Republic are always included – transfer from the hotel to the place of shooting and back, drinking water, payment of all permits, the cost of the photographer’s work. Also in an addition to this, you can order services which are not included in standard packages, such as – hairstyle and makeup, fruit basket, convertible car, video clip shooting, etc.

Wedding in the Dominican Republic

Wedding in the Dominican Republic is a little more than just a photo shoot. To this event, preparation is much more serious than just a photo shoot. All our wedding packages include the installation and decoration of a wedding arch, a leading celebration, music, a sand ceremony, a wedding certificate, champagne and of course a wedding photo shoot.

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