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Punta Cana International Airport was built in 1984, with the aim of developing tourism in La Altagracia region. An interesting fact is that the airport in Punta Cana is the only private airport in the world, one of the world-class star owners is Julio Iglesias.

Punta Cana Airport accepts the largest number of flights in the country and serves the largest number of passengers. Through the airport of Punta Cana, more than 6 million people pass annually, in terms of the number of passengers the third airport in the Caribbean. Every year the number of passengers increases by an average of 20%. To date, the global airport reconstruction has become a reality.

Nowadays the terminal B has already been built and launched. A completely new runway and control tower have been built since 2014. The band meets modern standards and is able to take even the largest, for today, passenger aircraft – Airbus A-380.

Scheduled flights from Russia are committed to only a few Latin American airports – to Havana airport “Jose Martin”, to Mexico, Cancun international airport and to the international airport of Punta Cana.

Facade of Punta Cana airport immediately makes clear that you flew to the resort. The terminal buildings have a distinctly Caribbean style, the roof of the airport is decorated with palm branches, and the buildings themselves resemble the bungalows of a tropical hotel. Upon arrival, especially in the high season, tourists are greeted with songs and dances of a local ensemble. Despite its frivolous appearance, the airport meets all the safety standards, it serves a huge number of flights and it is equipped with the most modern equipment.

Punta Cana international airport terminals.

The airport operates two international terminals (A and B) with a separate VIP-sector and the terminal for domestic air transportation, as well as a business terminal.

Terminal A. Serves international flights, including direct flights of Aeroflot from Russia.

Terminal B. The newest terminal of the airport, was opened in 2014. The second international terminal of Punta Cana with a capacity of up to 2 million passengers annually.

National terminal. Used for domestic flights throughout the country.

VIP-terminal. Located in eastern part of Terminal A, it has a separate entrance and its own parking for aircrafts.

Punta Cana international airport map Terminal Lyaout (PUJ)

Аэропорт Пунта Каны

Duty-free in Punta Cana airport is not big. For imported goods prices are lower for 20% than in Moscow airports, but double priced are on souvenirs such as cigars, rum, coffee, cocoa, etc., even higher than in country’s stores or factories. A free trip to the national products store you can order in the section of Shopping in Punta Cana.

In the airport departure hall, there are several conference halls, a free wi-fi zone, banks, a mother and child room, restaurants, cafes and bars.

Online Timetable of Punta Cana Airport

Online Timetable on the official website of the Airport.

Another online timetable of International Airport

alternative timetable of departures and arrivals.

Punta Cana – Vip Airport

Vip Service upon arrival – meeting at a gangplank, Quick pass of all the migration services and baggage collection.

Up to two people 100 $ per a person

from three people $ 80 per a person, discounts for large groups and families.

Vip Service on departure – Fast check-in and assistance in choosing a seat, passing without a queue for passport control and customs, waiting for boarding in VIP zone (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, free wifi, comfortable chairs, newspapers in different languages, hot drinks.

Cost for 1-2 persons, 150 $ per a person

from three people $ 120, discounts for large groups and families.

LOST & FOUND – Lost Items Room of Punta Cana Airport.

If, suddenly, upon arrival in Punta Cana, you find out that your luggage has not arrived or flown by another flight, do not panic. The first thing you need to do is inquire Lost and Found Department (department of lost items).

You will be helped to fill out a questionnaire and will issue a tracking number, it is better to call the department every day in Dominican Republic, luggage is usually found, in that case, it is delivered to you to the place of your stay in the country.

Below there are phone numbers taken from the official website. The filled form is also stamped with the phone of the representative of the airline that carried out the flight. In most Punta Cana hotels there is the free Internet, it will not be superfluous to send a letter and fill out the form on the official website of the airline.

Passenger Service Manager 809-959-2376

General Manager of Punta Cana Airport 809-959-2376

Department of Security and Protection 809-959-2376 (if suddenly forgot things at the airport)

The process of passing the Customs upon arrival at Punta Cana Airport

A migration card and a customs declaration are distributed most often, already on the plane, in most cases, it is not worthwhile to fill out the second one.

At customs you will need to buy a tourist card for $ 10, we recommend buying it in advance online at the website of the Ministry of Tourism. In any case, the procedure is very simple and the airport staff will guide you and coordinate.

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