rain Seasons in Dominican Republic

rain seasons in Dominican Republic

Is the myth or the truth the rainy season in Dominican Republic

Summer all year round, the sun, the sea, palm trees, beaches – a fairytale picture is ready. It remains only to get a ticket and fly away to meet the dream. Many people are faced with the fact that they are advised by a tour operator to fly to this country only in winter time. Arguing in winter is a “peak season”, and in summer is not, because there is a rainy season.

But many people can travel only in summer, someone has everything tied to school holidays. And even new year eve sometimes wanted to celebrate at home. Let’s take a closer look at the subject and in detail. Is this horrible and terrible rainy season in Dominican Republic scary, and in general – when is it better to have a holiday in Dominican Republic?

Traditionally we are striving to the tropical countries in winter time, that there is no wonder with Russian climate. We want to escape to summer from the cold, even for a couple of weeks. But everything in the world has disadvantages and pluses, and if you approach the issue objectively – let’s first understand the seasons in Dominican Republic, and a little bit more about climate.

Despite the small territory, there are several climatic zones in Dominican Republic, which is primarily due to the relief. There is only 3 seasons in the country in a year: summer, winter, and a season of hurricanes about which we will talk separately.

Winter temperatures never fall below +22 degrees in Bavaro, and summer temperatures never rise above +32. Therefore, to begin with, we refute the first popular myth about why it is impossible to visit Dominican Republic in summer – “it will be too hot”.

Not at all, because there is never a 45-degree heat here in summer, as in August in many Mediterranean European countries. Humidity is not as high as in popular Thailand in Dominican Republic.

Сезон дождей в Доминикане

The rainy season in Dominican Republic – whether it hinders vacation.

The second popular “scarecrow” – the so-called rainy season. There is an opinion that in summer there is constant heavy rain, and everything is flooded to a knee. This is not true. Moreover, there is no clearly expressed rainy season in the country. We will be objective, the precipitation falls a little more in summertime, but this is not an obstacle for good vacation and excursions.

And what about the terrible season of hurricanes? It really quite officially exists and lasts from May to the end of November. But Dominican prepared a surprise for us. It is so well located that hurricanes happen here no more than once in 30-40 years.

Paradoxically, the vast majority of hurricanes originating in the Atlantic Ocean, bypass the paradise, heading either to the north, to US, or further to the west.

However, we will clarify that. All cruise programs from Dominican Republic are closed for summer, for security reasons, so fans of this kind of rest will have to choose another time.  There is absolutely nothing to fear in the summer time for those who planned to have a vacation,.

And finally, a few more tasty benefits of arrival outside the “peak season” – a much smaller number of tourists, no crowding in museums, more space on the hotel beaches, slightly warmer Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean, regular flights fly here year-round, and hotel prices in summer reduce. Here you are welcome all year round, fly over!

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