Safety in Dominican Republic

Safety in dominican republic.

Safety in Dominican republic.

After living more than 5 years in the Dominican Republic, I have accumulated a lot of stories related to theft, robbery, and crime here. Safety in Dominican Republic is a particular story that many travelers are interested in wishing to visit our beautiful island.

Home lift is the most common type of theft occurring here. Theft of valuables from apartments and houses usually occurs at night when you are sleeping. Attackers penetrate into the apartment through balconies, windows, doors and often they do not even stop by iron bars.

I will begin my story by saying that I, myself was a victim of theft. One night, while I was sleeping, intruders entered unbending the iron bars on the balcony in my apartment which is in a small apartment building. After searching all my apartment, moved the beds in the next room, scattered all the shelves in the kitchen – they stole an iPad, Go-Pro camera and 300 pesos. I have heard such stories many times and I didn’t believe that people who were at that moment in their beds did not wake up. But this time me myself was in their shoes and I woke up only in the morning from mosquito bites, as the thieves left the mosquito nets open. There are many different versions of why all the victims of night thefts are in so deep sleep. Someone alludes to a special gas sprayed by thieves, someone to the magic drops that attackers drip on the sleeping victim pillow. I do not know what happened to me, but at night I absolutely did not hear anyone.

Theft in the hotels of Dominican Republic

Theft in hotel rooms of Dominican Republic occurs as often as in apartments. This usually involves hotel employees. Theft is made from suitcases and shelves, but also from safe boxes. My advice to you is leaving the room and expecting that it will be cleaned, hide all the valuable items in the safe and change the password in advance, leave 2-5 dollars for a maid on a coffee table, that she would be initially satisfied and less wanted to steal from you. Recently, I heard a story once again about two tourists did not find $ 5000 in the safe box upon their return from breakfast. They immediately called the reception and security. The employees invited the maid cleaning out there that morning. The maid said except cleaning she doesn’t involve to anything. Guests have written a statement to the police about stealing money, but honestly, usually this is the end of story. Also, pay your attention to the number of towels left by a maid and the contents of the mini bar, since for the lack of those, the reception will charge you an additional fee upon leaving it.

Crime on the streets of Dominican Republic

Another chapter of my story will be about the robbery on the street. Dominican Republic resorts do not differ from any other resorts of the world. In the city center of the resort is quite safe in a daytime, on the streets you can meet policemen quite often, on the territory of the hotel’s security guards are on duty 24/7. I would not advise you to leave the territory of the hotel with some valuable items and a large amount of money at night time. In dark alleys or on the road you might be stopped by few black guys on a motorcycle with a gun and ask you to give them everything valuable, including money, jewelry, and cell phones. Don’t mess up with these guys, since they really can shoot you, just give everything and move on calmly. Many times I heard stories like mostly girls dressed in a uniform from various travel companies, the attackers snatched bags from their hands and quickly disappeared on motorcycles. If you are traveling by car, be sure to drive with closed windows and doors, in shops and at petrol stations, do not show off lots of money, as bad guys can follow you and attack in places where you least expect it. In large stores, at petrol stations and near banks, security guards with shotguns are on duty, robbers visit there extremely seldom.

The main robbery usually occurs on the days of Christmas holidays and new year, when the wealthiest tourists come over also it happens in the big Dominican holiday – Samana – Santa. This is something like our holiday Easter. Dominicans have 3 official days off and they head to tourist areas, where would be fun. But not all of them have fun, some of them taking an advantage of staying near the hotels and towns where the employees of tourist companies live, penetrate in peoples homes and steal all they can.

Excursion trips are usually absolutely safe, you are surrounded by employees of travel companies, drivers and local guides who never deviate from the safe routes and they do worry about you and your valuable items. But still a couple of times I heard about the minibusses attacks with tourists in the capital of Dominican Republic – Santo Domingo.

Safety in Dominican republic in the Sea

Seacoast of the hotels is almost safe, because of the coral reefs located near the beaches, sharks can’t come close. According to statistics, I found on the Internet, I knew that in just 100 years there were only 3 cases of shark attacks in Dominican Republic. And all of them occurred near the capital Santo Domingo, just where the coral reef is absent. The same coral reefs break large waves and weaken its strength, the maximum danger that you can come across are sea urchins, but there are not so many on the shores. For several years of living in Dominican Republic, just once I stepped on the sea urchin. The poison that permeates into my toe made it insensitive for 3 weeks, then the sensitivity was restored.

Food in the Dominican Republic

Local food is very similar to food we use to eat in everyday life. So you should not have a adaptation period and so-called traveler’s diarrhea. Dominicans themselves are very fond of rice, chicken and beans, they can eat it every day – 3 times a day. They consider a sea food as a food for poor people. They don’t know how to cook it and don’t eat it oftenly. Alcoholic beverages in Dominican Republic are very good quality, there are practically no counterfeits, in any case I have never heard of it. I highly recommend you to try local rum, it is usually used in cocktails, as it is very hot here and in a pure form these drinks cannot be drunk.

Safety in Dominican republic – Roads of Dominican Republic

There are very good roads in Dominican Republic. Wherever you go, I guarantee you won’t see any hollows and pits on the road. We often travel to different parts of Dominican Republic and use tall roads more often, the payments it selves at the checkpoints are not so high, but it is a shortcut and you save your time and money for fuel. For example, to get to the capital Santo Domingo you will need to pay only 250 pesos for the tall roads, but you will save 3 hours drive and this is more than 1000 pesos saved on fuel.

Traffic in the Dominican Republic

Traffic in the Dominican Republic is different from traffic you are used to in your country. Of course, all drivers have a driver’s license, but the driving rules have an advisory character mostly. A car or a motorcycle moving along the oncoming traffic will not surprise anyone here. The main thing is that it would not interfere anyone. A policeman first of all look at the driver’s seat belt and the driver isn’t talking on the phone. If these two rules are met, he will not stop you. If you did not take your driver’s license or car documents with you, your fine can be written out simply on your ID information. That’s happened to me couple of times, and the policeman was not surprised that I do not have these documents with me. In fact, it seems to me that local policemen have an unofficial instruction not to touch Europeans (whites), both tourists and expats who live here. When you hire a car, be extremely careful when driving on roads, often look in the rear-view mirror, motorcyclists can appear from your left or from your right very suddenly. Approaching the intersection, slow down and slowly pass it, Dominicans do not pay attention to the rules of the right hand at intersections, they move chaotically, but carefully. You can see traffic lights rarely on local roads.

Safety on Dominican Republic streets

If you come to Dominican Republic and want to use the services of a prostitute, be sure to protect yourself, there is no guarantee that this priestess of love is healthy and will not infect you with a venereal disease.

Also, these priestesses can easily rob you even before you go somewhere with her. They can easily check your pockets and pull out a few bank notes from it, so you will not feel it. Many of them will offer you to buy drugs from them, the quality of which is also doubtful.

A lot of people come here from the other half of this island from Haiti. They are a bit different from the local population. They are spoken about in the eyes of a smile, and behind the back is a machete. Many of them earn extra money as taxi drivers on motorcycles, some collect sugar cane, the rest work on construction sites and a large number of them live legally and work in hotels. But at night it seems to me that they rob apartments, houses, approaching passers-by on motorcycles with guns. Be careful with such people, do not always know what they have in mind because their salaries are not large and they also need to survive.

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