Seasons in Dominican Republic

Seasons in Dominican Republic

Seasons in Dominican Republic – When is the best time to have holidays.

Seasons in Dominican Republic should not play a role in choosing the time for holidays. It is always warm and comfortable to relax in Dominican Republic, there is not even an expressed rainy season, although it is generally assumed that there is more rain in the summertime. After living here for more than 5 years, I realized that rains in the Dominican Republic, like the locals, are not always predictable. A few rainy days in a row can happen both in winter and in summer. As is typical of the coconut republics, rains are tropical, heavy showers but short.

Other resorts such as Egypt, Thailand, Emirates, also advertise themselves as places where you can relax comfortably all year round. In fact, in Egypt in winter time, during the “Khamsin” wind season, the temperature drops to 14-16 degrees at night, and cold winds blow during the day, you can rest, of course, but not so comfortable. In Emirates, as in Egypt, there is a very hot summer, for those who do not tolerate the heat, it will be quite hard, summer in Thailand is a clearly expressed rainy season.

Weather at different times of a year in Dominican Republic.

Seasons in Dominican Republic

The climate is humid and the same temperature all year round in Dominican Republic, many tourists say that it feels as warm as in August in Russia, somewhere outside the city by the river side. You can safely leave all the clothes with long sleeves, jackets going on holiday to Dominican Republic, it will not be useful to you. We “coconut” settled here for a reason. Nevertheless, we can divide the seasons in Dominican Republic into two, hot from July to October, in a daytime temperature rises to +35-36 and the second is comfortable from November to July, the same temperature during the day 27-28 and at night about 23-25 degrees.

Most of tourists come for holidays to Dominican Republic in winter to change the cold weather to a warm ocean, business and work on a sun bed under a palm tree and a cold coconut in hands. Recently, many tourists from Russia choose Punta Cana for a celebration of new year eve. During winter months, prices for tour packages increase, in the rest of the months less tourists come and hotels often drop prices, in the last year, due to an increase of the flow of tourists, the difference in cost of tours in the low and high season is getting smaller. In summertime couples from all over the world come here to celebrate their wedding in Dominican Republic, Americans often celebrate here huge weddings for 100-200 people.

Dominican Republic is a large island, there are more than 12 climatic zones  in one country. In the mountainous regions of the country, such as Jarabahoa and Constanta, the average air temperature is around 16-17 degrees. The most deserted and hot parts of the island are located in southwestern part, the summer temperature in this part of the island is often above 40 ° C.

In the southern part of the Hispaniola island, where Punta Cana resort is  – from May to November, shower rains start unexpectedly, but rarely last for more than half an hour and mainly at night, so it doesn’t bother tourists.

Hurricane Seasons in Dominican Republic

Seasons in Dominican Republic

Like the most countries in the Caribbean Dominican Republic, is located in an area where a hurricane can occur. Officially, the hurricane season in the Caribbean lasts from the beginning of June to the end of November. However, historically observed their occurrence in August and September. Hurricanes contribute to the appearance of heavy rains and the release of a large number of algae on the beaches. Fortunately for the Dominicans, dangerous hurricanes do not reach here, everything goes to Haiti, the locals call this part of the archipelago, the island of bad luck, as in Mironov’s song.

Differences between summer and winter seasons are not always obvious. Regardless of what is “typical”, in the Dominican Republic, as elsewhere, there may be abnormal weather conditions – weeks without a single rain in a summer, and in a winter rains can occur several times a day. But most often, guests of Dominican Republic are waiting for endless days of sunlight and the blue sky at any time of the year.

Seasons in Dominican Republic – Humpback Whale migration season.

Whales are coming every year in Dominican Republic, where marriage games are and the progeny are raised. Humpback whales in Dominican Republic are based mainly on the peninsula of Samana and in smaller numbers in the north of the country. Safe and full of food water of Atlantic ocean, perfect for whales, which come here in huge quantities. Pleased with the appearance of whales, not only tourists but also local residents of the peninsula, who for three months, from January to March, make good money on the numerous tourists visiting the peninsula. Many people stay in the capital of Samana – Santa Barbara or in the resort area of Las Terenas, thousands of tourists daily come here from Punta Cana to look at these giants. Choosing a vacation in winter, you will not only get to kind of velvet season, but also be able to see the largest inhabitants of the ocean alive.

Advice from the “coconut”

Do not pay attention to the time of a year or a month when choosing a holiday in Dominican Republic. You can always wear flip flops here and enjoy a warm tropical breeze, a bright sun, and a blue sky. Rains and bad weather happen here at any time of the year, but it’s always warm in Dominican Republic and as we say: Nature has no bad weather, there is a bad mood that instantly dissipates as soon as you leave the plane.

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