Taxi Punta Cana

Taxi Punta Cana

Taxi Punta Cana – Taxi in the Dominican Republic

Taxi Punta Cana will not pleasantly surprise you with its price. After all, it often exceeds the usual cost in kind of trips, so it’s double or even triple priced. The average cost of such a trip is calculated by a taxi driver himself and is usually 1 dollar per 1 minute drive. Be sure before taking a taxi, negotiate the price in advance. You can get a bus, but it’s not entirely comfortable.

Taxi parking is usually located at the hotel outings, near the exits from shopping centers, in Punta Cana nightclubs parking and near all the major crossroads where a lot of restaurants and shops are located. The clothes are brightly colored of taxi drivers, so you won’t be confusing to find them.

I have used taxi many times in the Dominican Republic. Often it was modern minivans of transport companies I have ordered via the Internet. In this article, I want to tell you about all possible options for travel around the Dominican Republic.

Minivans, sedans, jeeps, motorcycles, helicopters, boats and yachts, all these and not only will help you in traveling around our island.

If you still decided not to save money traveling by bus and call a taxi then here is the list of the most popular taxi companies in the Dominican Republic:

  • Tecni
  • Aero taxi
  • Apolla
  • Taxi Anacaona
  • Emitaxi
  • Excelente taxi

The amount of trip is better to negotiate in advance, is good to bargain, it will help you to save some money. Be sure you have small money because taxi drivers usually say they don’t have change. Very often there is a price list inside the car, it will also help you to understand the price and you will not be cheated. If you travel with a kid ask the driver for a child seat, in half of the cases it is hidden in the trunk, in half of the cases it is missing.

Ordinary cars are minivans, but upon your request, the transport company can send you a large jeep or an ordinary sedan, as well as a beautiful convertible.

Each taxi driver has a special license of tourist transportation and if he rudely breaks the traffic rules or has an accident, then this license will be taken away from him and he will never be returned it back again. Therefore, a taxi in the Dominican Republic always moves slowly and according to the rules.

Motoconchi – Taxi Punta Cana – moto taxi

This is the most common type of travel among the local population and those who permanently live in tourist areas. The cost of such a trip is from 3 to 5 dollars. Sitting on such a moto taxi always tell the driver “despacio porfavor” – it means slower, please. The driver will understand you and will move slowly. Here, as well, be sure to agree on the price in advance of naming your final destination.

Water transport 

There is also a water type of transport in the Dominican Republic. If you are going to take a ride to the island you can hire a speedboat with a driver who will take you to the island and wait until you finish there and will bring you back to the marina. The cost of such a trip from the marina of Bayahibe to Saona island and back will cost you $ 250, also you can rent a large boat, yacht or catamaran there. Usually, the prices are fixed, but you can also try to bargain.

Helicopter Taxi Punta Cana

Another type of transport in Dominican Republic is a helicopter. You can order a simple city tour by helicopter and a flight to an island or a waterfall. Such flights are very suitable for romantic dates or for special moments of your life such as a declaration of love or a marriage proposal.

Taxi in Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic Taxi

In addition to usual taxi, there is taxi very different from it with its price and comfort in the capital of Dominican Republic as I described at the beginning of this article. Sedans are scratched and crumpled from all sides as if it makes a lot of accidents. This is a fixed-route taxi.

From the outside, it’s ordinary sedans, but only in a terrible condition. Often they do not have window glasses, they are overcrowded inside and they move along a certain route undercutting everyone on their way. This is a fixed-route taxi. I do not advise you to use this type of transport – it’s not safe. Drivers are constantly in a hurry and absolutely do not follow the road rules.

Car rental – car hire in the Dominican Republic

Car rental is very common in the Dominican Republic, especially in tourist areas. The cost of a car for a day starts from $ 50. There are ordinary cars, SUVs, and luxury cars. You only need a passport, a deposit of $ 100 and a daily payment. You can be asked for the driving license in some rentals company. Some companies will even deliver the car to your hotel and after use take it from there.

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