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caribbean pirates punta cana – Kids Free

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Caribbean Pirates Punta Cana – Kids Free

Caribbean Pirates Punta Cana tour is free for kids until 12-years of age. It takes you to the historical treasure quest where you are allowed to snorkel with sharks and communicate with stingrays at the beautiful Shark Island. Also, it gives you a chance to explore the beautiful coral reef, and get ready for possible pirate attacks as you may encounter the rogue pirates on the way.

Caribbean Pirates Punta Cana is a family trip, where each and every member of your family can enjoy the excursion. It promises the most exciting and challenging adventure along with absolutely stunning Caribbean sightseeing. Get ready to sail the high seas on a Hispaniola the mighty pirate ship. Our talented pirate crew guides you and they help you board the mighty Hispañola. Once you are on the water, you will receive pirate training, including Plundering and Pillaging, and you can learn how to utilize your snorkeling equipment.  The initial stop on the pirate treasure map is a pristine natural reef; here you can swim along with the beautiful and colorful fish and rich coral formations.

Once you come back from the exciting snorkel, on the ship, you can enjoy fresh fruits and soft drinks before starting your changeling adventures on Shark Island. On this Island, the treasure map leads you to the treasure, but to reach there you need to swim with sharks and interact with dangerous stingrays, of course, you will be guided and supervised by our expert team to make sure that you are safe, your safety is important to us.  Also, it is the most harmless stingray interface program in the world. So you can happily swim and enjoy your interaction with sharks and stingrays.

But, you must stay away from Rogue Pirates, they may try to stop you reach for your treasure, and they try to attack to get your map. Get ready to fight the violent swordfights, and outstanding stunts, which can take you to the true pirate life.  The Pirates are anxious to win the last battle, and they are ready to share it with their guests and new recruits, you can also join the celebration with fun and dances.

Our team celebrates the victory richly with a delicious feast along with a pirate toast with Rum once you come back to the boat. The rogue pirates are fury to avenge, and now they try to come back with armed to the teeth. You must be ready for another classy pirate battle, which is considered as the most challenging and the best adventure in the Caribbean history. The last combat will be crazy, and you will be running all over the vessel, as the crew will be ready to use all resources to defeat the bad pirates.

The entire evening you will have an exciting action adventure and some unexpected surprises. As the tour comes to an end, we all can celebrate the victory before we reach the land and finally return to your destination safely. Isn’t it worth spending exciting time and money?  Of course, kids will enjoy the most, and for them, the trip is free, what more you want. But you should know this, once you take a pirate oath, you should remain a pirate for life. For the kids below 5 years, we recommend taking manati park tour.

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