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When you are visiting Punta Cana, then make sure to get Dr. Fish Ocean Spa to unwind your anxiety and stress. This excursion package is designed exclusively for visitors so that they can take complete advantage of their vacation and get rejuvenated. This Spa is one of the items included in the excursion package. It provides extreme relaxation, and the setting is even more alluring as you can get your spa done on our double-decker boat.

Dr. Fish Ocean Spa gives you an ultimate Cruise Spa experience, and you can immerse in the luxury spa comfort a floating across the coast of Bavaro.  You can sail along the coast and get pampered through our most fantastic spa program and make your visit even more exciting in Punta Cana. Get ready for the most luxurious spa treatment, and we ensure that you will forget all your worries and anxieties when you get a spa at the best Dr. Fish Ocean Spa. We assure you that, this moment stays with you for a longer period.

The Spa includes special pedicure treatment; you can enjoy our little therapist buddies famously known as Garra Rufa offers outstanding pedicure treatment. This small fish will gently peel or off your feet, and you will feel the spongy smooth touch and gives you the soothing and relaxing feeling.

Dr. Fish Ocena pedicure treatment is unique that you can never imagine.  This tiny fish removes all the dead skin and gently massages and makes your feet recharged and you will feel very smooth and soft when you touch your feet. This tiny Garra Rufa fish contains secrete enzymes known as Dithranol, which makes the skin rejuvenated. Most of these skin products that are available on the market contain this Dithranol enzyme as one of the ingredients.

We provide a professional Bio-Pilate instructor for your guidance so that you can focus on various breathing and stretching exercises as well.  You can improve your health at the same time enjoy the spectacular views and scenes of Punta Cana. What else you want when you are on such a fabulous vacation, enjoy the clear and apparent waters and beautiful tropical shoreline. The best of all, give yourself a treat and get pampered with the enticing massage treatments provided in private cubicles, where the clients can enjoy the ocean view. The massage treatment includes full back massage, head massage, foot massage, and various stretching and breathing exercises.

You just relax and enjoy the boat ride in the ocean, and after you’re the most alluring massage treatment, you can enjoy the scrumptious lunch. The entire time we provide natural juices, fruits and you can also enjoy herb infusions. Don’t forget to include Dr. Fish Ocean Spa in your Punta Cana excursion package.

We Offer:

  • Activities on Boat: Bio Pilates
  • Massages
  • Floating Mattresses
  • Foot Pedicure with Dr. Fish
  • Beverages, including Fruit Cocktails, Soda, and Natural Juices
  • Snacks

Things that you need to Bring:

  • Swimsuit
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera and Cash

Additional Information:

  • Adults only

Transportation varies according to your stay at the hotel; our team member will inform you of the pickup location and time.

Activity Duration: 3 hours

Tour Duration: 4 hours

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