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Monkey land punta cana
Monkey land punta cana
Monkey land punta cana
Monkey land punta cana
Monkey land punta cana
Monkey land punta cana
Monkey land punta cana


Monkey Land Punta Cana is a fun trip that allows you to interact with energetic squirrel monkeys. You have to go deep into the jungle of the Dominican Republic.  To reach the Monkey Land, you need to take a safari in a truck that takes 5hrs to reach the place.  The vehicle will bring you through the local cacao and coffee plantations, takes you the monkey sanctuary and final stop will be at the botanical gardens. Throughout you five-hour journey, you can learn about local farming and farmer’s organic farming procedures and also you can taste fresh tropical fruits.  Make friends with the small squirrel monkey and let them sit on your shoulder and eat a snack, these monkeys are friendly and don’t cause any harm.  We give round-trip transportation facilities to our visitors from Punta Cana and Bavaro hotels.

What Will You Do?

  • You can feed and interact with the small squirrel monkeys in the jungle of the Dominican Republic.
  • You can enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the local villages and Eastern Mountains.
  • You can see beautiful island home and get to know about the cacao and coffee production.
  • You can buy local products and souvenirs at the Gift Store at the Monkey Land.
  • You can taste fresh, organic fruits, and enjoy fresh coffee.

The five-hour journey to Monkey Land allows you to explore various things and helps you learn the local farming and their cultural habits and other spectacular things. You can enjoy the marvelous views of the countryside, and you can use your photographic skill to take pictures of the tropical flowers, and monkeys in the botanical garden and taste aromatic and organic juices.

What to Anticipate?

You can enjoy a half-day expedition of Punta Cana along with a visit to the famous Monkey Land Park tour to feed and meet your new friends, the local squirrel monkeys. During the journey, you can learn about the local plants and the farming techniques of the local farmers. Learn about the exotic plants in the botanical gardens.  You can get to spend with your new monkey friends for 45mintues; these monkeys are very friendly that you can also feed them with your hand. These animals are trained, and they are very brilliant animals, all these monkeys are trained by Canadian Couple who has over 35 years of experience, and they have been working with animals ever since. This couple also spent 12-years at Toronto Zoo teaching the monkey to not to get scared of humans and not to harm them.

These friendly squirrel monkeys sit on your shoulder and eat directly from your hand.  But, you should be careful not to carry anything shiny and attractive, the best part is they pose for photo shoots, and they give a smiling face when you click the picture.

If you continue your journey towards the eastern mountain range, you will find the beautiful and colorful Island villages. You can as well visit a local home and taste fresh fruit, organic cocoa, coffee, and any tropical fruits.  You can also buy some monkey souvenirs at the gift store for your near and dear ones.

We Offer:

  • Transportation
  • Entrance to Monkey Land Punta Cana
  • Guides
  • Soft Drinks and Water


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