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Whale watching Samana by plane

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Whale watching Samana by plane

Whale watching Samana by plane starts from Punta Cana airport where you will take a flight to Samana. After reaching the small Samana Airport, we will arrange transportation that will get you to the famous Whale wharf.

The most incredible and natural occurrences of hundreds of Humpback Whales travel to the North Atlantic to the shoreline of Samana. These whales visit the place to breed and give birth to their young ones.  Every year the Dominican Republic showcases this phenomenon to the tourists. You can witness this incredible scene, and this opportunity can only come once in your lifetime. Whales of Samana give you the chance to see these beautiful whales in their natural environs.

The Whales of Samana is just the place you can showcase your photographic talent to your family and friends. You should be quick to click as it is a tricky task to get the perfect shot of a whale. Since many people prefer taking video as they can capture the whale movements perfectly.  Our guides have a complete knowledge of these Humpback Whales, and they can help you catch the right action as well also they will tell you about their habits, etc.  Once they find the Whales spot, the guide will take you closer to have an impressive view of these incredible mammals.  You will also get to hear the peculiar, and the soothing sounds made by male Whale singing solitary songs to attract the female Humpback Whale for a mate.

Whale watching Samana by plane – What’s included?

The entire adventure begins with a bus ride that takes you from your hotel at Punta Cana and takes you to the tiny town of Miches at the shoreline of Samana. From here, you will travel in an observation boat.

After enjoying the historic tour and the excitement of watching whales, you can enjoy the scrumptious Dominican Lunch Buffet.  After filling your tummy, get ready for a party, your next visit is to the popular Cayo Leantado, which is known as the Bacardi Island. This Island looks beautiful with its powder white sand, leaning palm trees and beautiful turquoise tropic waters.  All these incredible descriptions surely make you take a dip in these beautiful waters, and it is the perfect way to end your day before heading back to home.


The show is incredible when the forty ton males jump up and fall back in the water.  In case, a male cannot attract any female; it will try to sing a monotonous song that can be heard up to 30kilometers radius.  After giving birth to their young ones, the whales return to the North. Since the year 1986 the Banco de Plata, Samana had become a Sanctuary for the safeguard of Whales.

Whales of Samana, the name itself suggest that it considered as one of the best places for humpback whale watching.  These exotic marine mammals can breathe air and stay on the surface for about 20mins, and they can stay underwater for about 40mintes. These humpback whales spend their winter in the shore of Samana and can stay without food for several days.

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