Visa to Dominican Republic

Visa to Dominican Republic

Visa to Dominican Republic in 2017.

Visa to Dominican Republic in 2017 for Russian citizens is not needed. You only need to pay for a tourist card, which you can buy immediately upon arrival in the country or online in advance. The cost of a tourist card is only $ 10. Such a card will enable you to move freely around the country within one month.

To date, the country is doing everything to attract tourists. Already on the spot, for a couple of dollars, you can extend the visa for another three months. Despite the soft laws, some rules and documents still need to be prepared. Citizens of some countries of the post-Soviet space have to have a visa to Dominican Republic.

There were cases when inexperienced agency employees sent tourists to Dominican Republic without a visa, confusing the country’s name with Dominica, the state in Caribbean basin, which has nothing to do with Dominican Republic. Just do not forget you must have flight ticket back or its booking, sometimes it’s asked to show the hotel booking also.

There is also a tax of $ 20 for the departure, but in 90% of cases, it is paid by your airline or a tour operator. Over the long years of work in tourism, cases, when payment was taken from a tourist, are unitary.

A list of the countries and a visa regime with Dominican Republic

Required documents for visiting Dominican Republic

You need a passport, with a validity covering the entire period of stay in the country.

Required availability of return flight tickets or confirmed booking.

A paid tourist card, which can be brought upon arrival, at the Embassy in Moscow or pay online (cost is $ 10)

If the child travels with one of the parents or is accompanied by other persons, then a notarised authorization is required for the departure from the parents of the child.

Migration card for an entry to the Dominican Republic.

The migration card is filled in by everyone who came to the Dominican Republic, not even adults. Most often cards are distributed in the airplane, you need to fill in the card with Latin letters, a pen of a dark color.

An example of filling a Dominican migration card.


Visa to Dominican Republic in 2017 – visa extension for another 3 months

If for some reason you decide to stay longer on the island, you can easily extend your visa for another 3 months. It will be necessary to apply to the immigration service and pay a small tax.

This information about the Dominican visa is for an ordinary tourist, which is necessary. In a separate article, we will write about the procedure for obtaining work visas, residence permits, student and long-term tourist visas. Do not forget to read about the excursions in the Dominican Republic from cocotrips when going on vacation, there are a number of places that will not be visited will be a crime on the island.

Prepare small notes of dollars to pay fees, tourist card and other expenses at the airport. If you suddenly flew only with a card, of course, you can cash out at the airport to pay for a tourist card, but the exchange rate is bad.

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