Wedding in Dominican Republic

Wedding in Dominican Republic – All about how to get married in paradise.

Wedding in Dominican Republic – All about how to get married in paradise.

Wedding in Dominican Republic – Wedding in Caribbean

Many enamored  would like to have their wedding in a paradise island, on the ocean coast and celebrate this important event with the rhythms of Latin music. Among many countries, the option of a wedding is quite feasible and accessible in Dominican Republic.

Surrounded by beautiful Caribbean landscapes, you can not only play the wedding of your dreams, but also spend a great honeymoon in Dominican Republic. There are rhythms of Latin music, beautiful nature, a variety of romantic and active tours.

Not so long ago, to have a wedding abroad was an impermissible luxury, today it is a normal practice. Huge feasts, old-fashioned contests and bearded jokes toastmasters, hundreds of relatives, drunken fights and songs are scared many people. The wedding is a holiday of two, it is the union of two loving hearts and not a reason to celebrate it for friends and relatives.

Wedding in Dominican Republic is a great opportunity to celebrate the most important event together or surrounded of the most close and dear friends. This is an opportunity to choose a wedding script, which is limited only by your imagination. Weddings were celebrated under the water, in a balloon, on large catamarans and yachts, on private beaches and islands, in pirate style here.

We hold both formal and symbolic weddings in Dominican Republic. A marriage certificate issued in Dominican Republic will operate in Russia and other countries. Our company will undertake all paper and organisational work for the official ceremony in Dominican Republic.

Свадьба в Доминикане

Wedding in Dominican Republic – Symbolic wedding ceremony

Symbolic wedding in Dominican Republic is certainly more popular, couples who are already married usually choose it. The service is in demand among newlyweds. You can have a second wedding by the seaside and add a bit of romance to your honeymoon. To repeat each other’s vows of love in warm Dominican Republic, get new emotions among the bright landscapes.

Quite often the newlyweds arrive in Dominican Republic to celebrate a non-standard wedding, according to their own scenario. Young people have an opportunity to spend this day, according to their interests and hobbies. After all, often we hold huge weddings, in order to pay tribute to traditions and relatives.

We already organised weddings under the water, on balloons, in nightclubs, on top of mountains, in caves and on wild beaches. Of course the most popular are the ceremonies on the wild beaches and tropical islands, which in Dominican Republic are a lot.

Dominican is ideal for a wedding, not only thanks to the climate or the opportunity to celebrate a summer wedding on February 14, the day of lovers. Here the atmosphere contributes to this, in Dominican almost all songs and films about love, the rhythms of Bachata and Merengue relax and help to plunge into the ocean of passions.

Even the names of villages, beaches, lagoons, and rivers are often associated with a story or a legend about love. For example, the famous beach of Huaniyo, which is located in the city of millionaires – Cap Cana, was named due to the love story.

History is not new, a simple fisherman Juan fell in love with the daughter of a wealthy landowner, of course, such a fiance did not pass the test of the bride’s parents and the marriage was doomed to failure. But as we know for real love, there are no barriers and the boy in love is a vivid example of this. He sent a beloved message that he would wait for her on the beach every evening, by an old pine.

The girl did not dare to disobey her parents for a long time and the Juan spent not a one night by the pine tree, waiting for his passion. In one of the evening, when hope was already on his deathbed, he saw a silhouette of his beloved in the distance. Juan conquered the girl with his pure feelings and they had a series of wonderful evenings. In one of such an evening, Juan gifted the girl a beautiful ring, for all the money he had accumulated, under the branches of the old pine.

To be honest no one knows the end of the story, and the name of the girl is a mystery, but the name of the beach of Huaniyo, translates as the ring of Juan. The beloved, coming to the beach, hang a ribbon on a chain that wraps a tree, as a token of love and a strong marriage.

For those who are not indifferent to the fate of Huan and his lover, the two main endings of this love story.

There is a version that the beloved spit on all the rules and prohibitions of parents fled, a lot of children birth and to this day there lives a soul in the soul.

According to the second version, the wedding did not take place because of the bride’s parents, who knew about the relationship of a daughter and separated the lovers. We prefer the first version, I want to believe that somewhere along the seashore runs happy Huan and his nameless wife.

Свадьба в Доминикане

Wedding in Dominican Republic – the official wedding in Dominican Republic

It is more convenient to order an official wedding in Dominican Republic from a marriage agency, for example as we organize, we have all the licenses for such ceremonies. A little preparation will be required on your part, below all the necessary documents.

  • copy of a birth certificate
  • a notarized document that you are not married or a certificate of divorce.
  • international passport.

All three documents must be apostilled and translated into Spanish.

All documents must be certified by the consulate of Dominican Republic.

Apostille on one document costs about 3000 rubles. Legalization of one document will cost $ 100, payment is made at the consulate.

During the planning of the wedding, these prices need to be clarified.

The package of documents should be collected immediately, as soon as the date of the celebration was decided.

A month before the wedding, they should be ready and sent to the place of registration of marriage.

After the official procedure, you will receive a certificate, which must be legalized in the registry office of the place of residence.

The official wedding in Dominican Republic is an excellent way to spend a day for yourself and get away from standard wedding stereotypes. To plan such a wedding is better in advance, we accept applications not later than two months before the wedding, especially in a high season. We need time to collect documents and apply for and organize an elegant wedding for you or your scenario.

Wedding in Dominican Republic is an opportunity not only to have a plush wedding off the coast of the ocean, get away from stereotypes, as well as a chic possibility to spend a honeymoon and have a romantic trip. Take a ride to the wild islands of the Caribbean Sea, parachute, enjoy exotic cocktails and tropical fruits, see our selection of romantic tours in Dominican Republic. The history of Dominican Republic is quite interesting and confusing, in the best traditions of the Latin series.

Whether to believe in signs and observe traditions is a private matter for everyone. The main thing is to marry a loved one and then your union is just doomed to success!

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