whale watching dominican republic

Whale watching dominican republic

Whales Dominican Republic – Whales watching.

The Humpback Whales in Dominican Republic annually spend their holidays on the Atlantic coast and before going here, do a long way from the shores of Greenland. Like tourists, whales choose winter months of the year to rest in order to bask in the warm and rich waters of Atlantic. The whales have a breeding season in the first month of winter, in January, this is the best time for the excursion “Samana – whale watching”. During mating games, whales sing, jump out of the water and males arrange disassembly in the fight for the female.

From the middle of February, it is fashionable to see whole whale families, see how moms play with their cubs. In February Dominican whales are much easier to see, but the famous jumps, singing, and dancing happen much more rarely. Humpback whales spend their vacations in the Dominican Republic at northeast and north coast. The largest concentration of whales can be observed at the peninsula of Samana, where they bring numerous tourists for a tour, for the sake of this unique spectacle. Humpback whales in the Dominican Republic are visited until the end of March, less often in April. Samana Bay is the most visited by whales, the waters in this area are warm and shallow, ideal for whales for romantic games and birth of young. Not for nothing the region and the capital of the province of Samana, is often called the Whale Caribbean Capital.

The season of whales in Dominican Republic is a holiday not only for tourists but also for many local residents of Samana peninsula, for which the best 4 months of work a year come. In the province of Samana comes the high season, more than 50 boats and catamarans of various sizes several times a day, go with tourists in search of whales. Many tourists settle directly on Samana. The most popular resort areas of the peninsula are the capital of Santa Barbara and the resort town of Las Terrenas, here you can find hotels of any level, many bars, and cafes.

You can observe whales both from a small boat and from a large comfortable catamaran. Smaller boats are more maneuverable, which makes it possible to come close to the whales, but the ship of a small size strongly throws and rocks on the waves. Large catamarans are more comfortable, it’s easier to shoot videos and take photos, there’s almost no pitching, but getting close to humpback whales will be much more difficult, and you’ll have to run from side to side looking for giants.

Swimming with whales in Dominican Republic – Silverbanks

Dominiacan Republic silverbanks

Huge work and whale merit in creating the whale’s reserves in Dominican Republic belongs to the woman biologist Idelissa Bonelli del Calveti. She founded the scientific organization FUNDEMAR and persuaded the government of the island of Hispaniola, to create specially protected areas for whales.

The protected area includes the banks of Banco de la Navidad and the more famous Banco de la Plata (the “SilverBank”). In the SilverBank Bay, you can swim with whales with a mask and snorkel, accompanied by an instructor. On the territory of the park, there is also a sanctuary Santuario de Mamiferos Marinos, in which conditions are created for observation of whales from the shore. There is a reserve in the north of the country, not far from Puerto Plata city, only here tourists have a unique opportunity to swim with humpback whales with a mask and snorkel. It’s not so easy to get a swim because you need to reserve a tour during a year and by November everything has already booked. All ships that carry on swimming with whales must have a special government license, such ships, unfortunately, are not so many yet.

If you want to swim with whales in the Dominican Republic, you need to think about it in advance and book such a tour in advance, all tours are weekly, with daily shipment to the sea for swimming with whales and mantas. The cost of such a tour with accommodation is 2500-4000 $, the prices increase with the approach of the season, the price includes meals, accommodation, necessary equipment and daily outings to the sea. Swimming in close proximity to the whales causes a very wide range of emotions: fear, admiration, surprise, joy, and delight. The opportunity opens for you not only to see something new but also to test and know yourself. If you are interested in swimming with humpback whales, contact us and we will help you with the organization.

Whales Dominican republic – tour from Punta Cana

Since most of the tourists are vacationing in Punta Cana, there has been a long run-in program to Samana with whale watching. The excursion to the whales is divided into two parts. First one is a search of humpback whales. You will go out into the open ocean, and in the second you will have a trip to the most famous 40-meter waterfall of Dominican Republic – “Limon”. Also, the excursion program includes a visit to a typical Dominican ranch, a national dinner, fresh fruits, freshly squeezed juices and of course rum. You will get to the waterfall on horseback, through the most beautiful rainforest.

Whale watching dominican republic

If you have planned a vacation to Dominican Republic in winter time, do not miss the unique chance to see whales in the wild and visit the whale watching excursion. You will make great photos and be able to watch the giants in the immediate vicinity floating on a boat.

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